What we embrace

What is a REGAL Woman?


A woman who is sure of herself. Where she has been, it's purpose in her life and where she is going, with her footsteps ordered by God. She holds her head high and takes pride in her family and its contribution to the world. She is brave enough to cry and humble enough to ask for her sister's shoulder in those times. She is strong enough to overcome those sad times and re-emerge with more confidence than before. She is a Regal Woman! Reading, Empowering & Gaining Abundant Life


Purpose: We meet monthly to discuss the Book of The Month (BOM). The meetings are rotated between the members to a location of their choosing. We plan quarterly "girl time" to chat, listen, reflect, renew, debate, learn, grow & yes, eat!  


Giving: All of who “You” are. Members are encouraged to enjoy themselves and others in the group. Free to openly express your feelings, honestly. No one professes to be an expert "literary critic"; we are all learning, as we are enjoying the entertainment of literary art. Our minds are being opened to various genres and ideas. Sharing is our key method of exposure to things new and fresh!


Your Gift: Members receive a wealth of literary information and create friendships with other women from various backgrounds. It is our desire that the bonding and literary lessons will prove to be valuable to the members and their families for years to come.

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